I am BEYOND excited to finally launch the new brand! Formally known as Lens Culture Photography is now Lens Culture Photo and Film. From the beginning of my business everything on the business admin side was all pieced together from random templates and Fiverr orders. In the beginning this makes total sense, as you are just starting out in the industry! But once you are semi-established and wanting to grow having a cohesive brand is crucial. This rebrand is coming along with huge changes in many areas in my business especially the most important area, the client experience.

There will be three prizes given out on first winner first choice basis!

  1. $100 Amazon gift card, plus a Lens Culture Photo and Film Shirt
  2. Free 45 minute portrait session within the Tampa Bay Area.
  3. $250 off any Wedding Package, plus a Lens Culture Photo and Film Shirt

Thank you to Alisabeth Design for helping my brand design come to life!

My Tips for Preparing for a Rebrand!

Understanding who you are?

Every business has an identity, what they represent or why they do what they do. Because of this, finding your reasoning and passion behind your photo/video business is very crucial. Years ago I used to tell preach that starting with a cohesive brand is the way to go, don’t listen to past me. As an established wedding photographer and videographer I can truly say that learning you companies identity takes time. Because of this I recommend keeping cost low in the beginning in regards to branding, establishing your identity then working with a brand designer.

Who is your ideal client?

Curating a brand that markets to your ideal client is a HUGE roll in why a company spend thousands on brand development. Not understanding who your ideal client is would be a great way to recognize if you are not ready for a brand refresh. Take a moment and think back to a wedding/portrait session/family session etc; where you truly enjoyed your work. Understanding the traits and qualities of that client is a game changer. Being able to pin point exactly what your ideal client likes and their character traits is an amazing way to curate a brand that markets and appeals directly to them. Every photography/videography business should strive to work with their ideal client, that is truly where pure joy and excitement will shine through their work.

What direction do you want your brand to go?

Every business in this industry is unique and different in their own way. For example some photographers love the photographing portion of their job, some just love the editing. A company’s branding plays a large role in forecasting the direction the brand is progressing towards. Do you want to shoot 75 weddings a year? No, how about only 25? Answering questions/thinking about your businesses direction is crucially important before working with a brand designer.

  1. Phoebe Reyes says:

    I love the new rebranding and colors. It has a nice warm feel to it!

  2. Samantha D says:

    First off, congratulations on your rebranding. Your website is gorgeous for so many reasons. The emotions can truly be felt through the images you have captured. But what I appreciate the most about your website is the fact that as a business owner you have taken the time through your website to offer FREE education. This shows what kind of person you are as well and I think this is so important for the client experience and very useful for a newbie in the creative word.

    Wishing you a fruitful 2023 year 🎉

  3. Kelly Dudley says:

    Congrats on your rebranding!! As a marketing major I love your information on seeking out your ideal client. Amazing photos as always!

  4. Josh Gold says:

    Love your new color scheme and slick look! Excited for your new Branding and keep on doing the amazing work making people appreciate there special days even more! Happy holidays Jp<3

  5. Tristin Hayes says:

    You are the man! The rebranding is awesome!
    Color scheme is awesome and how you seek out your ideal client!

  6. Angelina Fenton says:

    Congratulations continuing to go after it and kill it with this new rebranding! Your website will be the face of your business for many and it looks SO professional. Absolutely love the vibe and the imbedded videos to make your site feel dynamic.

  7. Farrah Parish says:

    I’m loving the new website!! So sleek and professional! And I love your willingness to give other photographers rebranding advice! Congratulations! I hope this is the best year yet!🫶🏻

  8. Kelley Ross says:

    LOVE the new design. So crisp, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing. I love how organized the site is and how easy it is to navigate. I have a few friends who are getting married soon and i will send them the link to the new site! Don and I love our wedding video, you captured it perfectly 🥰

  9. Ashley says:

    Hello!! I am working with Sabrina at southern sweethearts and you come highly recommended. I also loved looking at your work on your page ! We are getting married on 11.30.23 at the Powel Crosley in Sarasota. Can you please send me a quote ? I also messaged you on IG. 🙂

  10. Anna Bart says:

    Sorry I posted to the wrong blog post. You have a very clean website that is easy to navigate.(except for the fact that I chose the wronf entry to comment, but that is my fault) I wish the dates of each of your blogs could be seen, but maybe you’re going for a more timeless look so that each entry whether seen today, tomorrow or a year from now is still
    relevant to the work you are doing today. Overall I really love the look and feel and look forward to watching your journey on instagram and TikTok as a photographer and videographer. Cheers!

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