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Atlanta Wedding at Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation – Bess and Theo

There were a few things that specifically stood out to me about Bess and Theo’s wedding day. Firstly their bridal party was a complete vibe and truly represented everything from the individuals that stand by you during the wedding ceremony. From hyping up Bess during prep to make sure her vail was always fluffed, they truly killed it. Second, the flow of the day was spot on! Often weddings poses a fast pace environment, which usually causes stress amongst the parties. Both sides of the bridal party did a fantastic job at curating a fun exciting wedding day, and the images truly show that.

New Brand, Who Dis?

I am BEYOND excited to finally launch the new brand! Formally known as Lens Culture Photography is now Lens Culture Photo and Film. From the beginning of my business everything on the business admin side was all pieced together from random templates and Fiverr orders. In the beginning this makes total sense, as you are […]

Wedding at October Oaks Farm in Tampa Florida

Dreamy Forest Wedding at October Oaks Farm in Webster Florida – Liz and Zack

High energy, high energy and high energy! Those are the only three ways to describe Zack and Liz’s Wedding at October Oaks Farm in Webster Florida. The result of this energy truly curated a wedding day that was insanely enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved. Zack and Liz were truly in the moment during the couples session, constantly smiling and cuddling up together.

Ballroom Wedding at The Orlo House in Downtown Tampa – Maddy and Marcus

The Wedding of Maddy and Marcus took place in The Orlo House & Ballroom on a beautiful fall day in November. One major thing that stood out about Maddy and Marcus’s wedding day was the excitement and energy. As a result every guest at the wedding could not stop smiling from beginning to end, even Maddy and Marcus. Curating a film that represented that emotion was my main focus during the editing process.

Wedding at The Bishop Museum

Wedding at The Bishop Museum in Bradenton Florida – Emily and Derek

Excitement, this is the one word I would use to describe Emily and Derek’s wedding day. From the smiles to the tears, the entire day was filled with emotions. Emotions play a huge role in the images and video that will be captured on a wedding day! Emily and Derek smiled, they cried, they laughed and they embraced every moment their wedding day gave them!